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Killer Brownie Mini Assorted Tray

Mini Assorted Killer Brownie® Tray

Perfect for gifting! A collection of 12 two-bite brownies, that are nearly 2 ounces of ooey-gooey goodness. These bites are anything but mini.

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The Original Killer Brownie Tray

The Original Killer Brownie® Tray

Our famous Original Killer Brownie® is a triple layer gourmet dessert, featuring loads of chocolate, crunchy pecans, velvety caramel, and dusted with powdered sugar. This Original Killer Brownie® Tray is filled with 36 two-bite brownies, each weighing almost 2 ounces a piece. 

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Killer Brownie Assorted Tray

Assorted Killer Brownie® Tray

Perfect for parties or as a gift! The Assorted Killer Brownie® Tray is a collection of 36 two-bite brownies, that are nearly 2 ounces of ooey-gooey goodness.

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Killer Brownie 4-pack Gift Tin

Killer Brownie® Gift Tin – 4 Pack

Our most popular item! This decorative Killer Brownie® Gift Tin is full of big, decadent, gooey brownies. Each brownie weighs approximately 1/3 lb. Choose four of our famous flavors.

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Killer Brownie 8-pack Gift Tin

Killer Brownie® Gift Tin – 8 Pack

This new decorative tin holds any assorted eight Killer Brownie® flavors of your choosing. That means there’s more to share … or more for yourself!

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Killer Brownie Gift Box

Killer Brownie® Gift Box – 4 Pack

Perfect as a gift or for treating yourself to a truly unique dessert. Our Killer Brownie® Gift Box comes with your choice of four big, decadent, and gooey brownies. Each brownie weighs approximately 1/3 lb. 

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Killer Brownie Reusable Tote

Killer Brownie® Reusable Tote

Carry your groceries in delectable style with our new Killer Brownie® Reusable Tote. Easy to clean and sturdy design. We won’t tell if you fill it with brownies.

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The Original Killer Brownie

The Original

Our most popular item! As the name implies, it all started here, with The Original. Layers of scrumptious chocolate brownies chock full of pecans sandwich a blanket of velvety caramel. In the mood for something big, rich, and chocolatey?

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Confetti Killer Brownie


This blondie brownie is layered with oozing caramel, white chocolate chips, and oodles of colorful sprinkles. It’s a party for your taste buds!

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Cookies and Cream Killer Brownie

Cookies & Cream

When you bite in, you’re met by a swirl of mouth-watering cream and the nostalgic flavor of an old-fashioned chocolate cookie mixed with the caramel flavors signature to Killer Brownie®.

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Peanut Butter Killer Brownie

Peanut Butter

A swirl of mouthwatering peanut butter combines with creamy caramel—all stacked between a brownie infused with peanuts.

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Blonde Ambition Killer Brownie

Blonde Ambition

This truly unique take is layered with a smattering of Macadamia nuts, a heath mix, white chocolate, and smooth and creamy caramel. Take it to the next level with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato (trust us on this).

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Raspberry Killer Brownie


For those who like their chocolate with a little fruit, this brownie is for you! These are made with layers of mouth-watering caramel, white chocolate chips, and a generous layer of raspberry in the middle of chocolaty brownies. Berry irresistible to any raspberry lover!

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Brookie Killer Brownie

Cookie Dough “Brookie”

A tasty combination of Not-A-Nutter and the classic, chocolate chip cookie. It has multiple layers of chocolate brownie with rich, gooey caramel and chocolate chips, topped off with a thick layer of chocolate chip cookie. 

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Not-a-Nutter Killer Brownie


We add extra chocolate chips to this form of the Original and, as the name indicates, we skip the nuts.

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Salted Caramel Killer Brownie

Salted Caramel

We take our Original Killer Brownie® and sprinkle a touch of coarse sea salt into the rich, buttery caramel. The perfect blend of sweet and salty!

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German Chocolate Killer Brownie

German Chocolate

This is the only brownie in our Killer Brownie® family that is made without caramel. Instead, it is topped with German Chocolate icing containing coconut, almonds, and pecans.

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